Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hot Choco, Uno and Students: a Tuesday Night Ritual

In an attempt to offer his students a more 'natural' and 'relaxed' setting for speaking the English language as well as a mutual desire between the Harrington's to frequent the OEC, Mike Harrington has initiated a type of Social Hour which takes place nearly every Tuesday at the OEC. Each week two or three students show up at the coffee shop and have the chance to practice their English in a comfy, relaxed setting. Most often, the language practice is conducted over a game of Rummy or Uno and a glass mug of Hot Choco (one of OEC's specialties).


These weekly meet ups have not only provided an opportunity for both Mike and Melissa Harrington to get to know a few Nameson students (and teachers) but have also assisted the Harrington's in getting to know the young lady who works at the OEC. OEC Coffee is a coffee house that has captured the attention of the Harrington's since their arrival as it is located within a few minutes walk of their home and has an extremely cozy and quaint atmosphere - not to mention fabulous hot choco and caramel lattes!

Getting there: Exit 2 at Galma sub station - walk forward past the Blue 24 and the OEC will be on your right (unless you're on the main street, then it'll be on your left ^.^).

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Annalise said...

I love this! You guys are such good teachers. :) Your students are blessed to have you.


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