Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Wicked - Wedding Weekend

The weekend of June 2nd and 3rd saw the Harrington's taking on Broadway shows and Wedding Ceremonies.  Beginning on Saturday morning, the couple headed down to Daejeon Station where they were limited in train ticket options and therefore ended up with standing room only tickets on the two-hour 'slow train' to Seoul. Not too eager to stand for the entire time, the couple found a short set of stairs between the proper train cars and took a seat while the world outside flashed by through the door frame window.

Soon enough, the couple was encompassed by the herd of people that is Seoul Station on a Saturday (perhaps everyday?) and made their way onto the Subway and toward BlueSquare where they would soon take a back-of-the-theater seat to watch the stunning and impressive Broadway Musical Wicked.


Although the couple was as far from the action as possible (other than sitting around at home), the show was absolutely worth the standing-room-only train ticket and left Melissa literally sitting on the edge of her seat for more than half the performance.

After enjoying the show, the couple wondered around the grounds of BlueSquare Concert Hall and enjoyed an art exhibit which had been set up in an example of a shipping container home/structure (a type of housing the couple has considered implementing in their future life, although EarthShips are the most likely future dwelling of the couple). Back on track, the couple was impressed by the structure itself as well as with the intricate and impressive artwork displayed such as the pictures done in nothing but tape and sculptures made with Asia's grain of choice, rice.

Hungry and eager to eat at one of the fine western-style establishments in Seoul, the couple made their way to Craftworks Tap House where just about a year ago, Melissa fell in love with their Hefeweizen after enjoying Cirque du Soliel. Having gotten their fill of delicious brews and equally delicious Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches it was back to Seoul Station to catch a train home to Daejeon where the couple would quickly drift off to sleep before awaking to the sounds of wedding bells.

Well, not quite.

Wedding bells didn't wake the couple on Sunday morning, but the first task of the day was to make their way to the wedding of one of Mike's soccer buddies. Typical of weddings in Korea, the groom greeted guests while the bride graciously sat to take photos with her friends and family while they waited for the ceremony to begin. Because the couple was representing both Korea and Canada the ceremony and vows included mutual translations allowing all observers to truly feel a part of this special occasion.

Vows given and marriage proclaimed the guests made their way to the all-you-can-eat-buffet while the couple continued forth with a more private and traditional ceremony.

So with full hearts and bellies, the Harrington's made their way into Sunday afternoon for coffee dates, photo shoots, pet care, brewing chores and family dinner.

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