Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Matiz meets Jeju: Arrival, Lava Tubes and Love

Successfully finding the ferry terminal, loading themselves, the car and the dog and managing to avoid seasickness, the Harringtons were thrilled to pull the Matiz off of the ferry and begin their island adventure the evening of August 17th.

First things first, the Harringtons began circumnavigating the island and looking for a supermarket in order to purchase some dog food for their three-legged companion. With adult-like responsibilities out of the way, it was simply time to roll the windows down and keep their eyes peeled for the first night's camping location.
Fortunately, it didn't take much effort for the couple to find a suitable campground near enough a small town where they could grab some dinner and begin settling in for an evening of rest set to the backdrop of cheerful camping Koreans and a few firework explosions.  

Waking in the morning well rested and ready for Jeju-Action, the couple stuffed their mouths with some Paris Baguette Cake and made their way to Jeju's famous Lava Tubes.

PhotobucketFor the Harringtons, the most exciting promise of the lava tubes was a drop in temperature. The couple was far from disappointed as they entered the 'center of the earth' and gratefully pulled on their rain jackets and let a shiver escape their adjusting bodies.

Once underground, the couple continued to be impressed with the immensity of the lava tubes and the implications therein.

Visitors to the tube can enjoy a nearly 2km stroll through the underground which features numerous displays and educational points of interest and of course beautiful lighting to set the mood and increase viewing pleasure.

Thankful for a chance to get out of the heat, the couple slowly emerged from the lava tube, took Lady on a little stroll and hopped in the Matiz, ready to see more of what Jeju Island had to offer.

Not too long after singing some bluegrass with the windows rolled down the couple found themselves entering Jeju City where they made a quick stop at a black sand beach (less impressive than it sounds) and hit the Lonely Planet for a restaurant recommendation. Impressed with the review of Haejin Seafood Restaurant near the harbor and supposedly featuring a couples meal-set, the couple parked, shaded the pup and made their way into the restaurant which must be more of a dinner location than a lunch location...

The couple soon discovered that the variety platter for 30,000 won wasn't meant for sharing, at least not for foreigners to share, they politely declined ordering a second platter and opted rather for 10,000 won cho-bap (raw fish on rice) to please the servers. Within minutes, the couple was presented a large variety of fresh raw fishes complete with lettuce leaves for wrapping, dipping sauces and typical side dishes. Without wasting time, the couple got to work, quickly remembering that the fishes with bones are never as delicious as those without and the ones with tails intact are really just beneficial for funny photos and nothing least not for these two foreigners.

Filled with raw fish goodness, the couple realized it was time to honor their 3.5 legged girl and headed to the Halla Arboretum for a walk and a bit of nap. Waking from their nap, the Harrington clan met a friendly Chinese family who were enjoying their Jeju tour and were eager to talk about their experience living in Canada as well as practicing their English. Humans being properly rested and pup being properly walked, the family loaded up into the Matiz and made their way to Yongduam Rock (popular amongst Koreans, a bit lost on foreigners) and the Mystery Road before continuing forth to one of Jeju's true gems: Loveland.
Readers and friends may remember an early Korea-living post regarding the quirky-kinky side of Korean tourism, well, the tradition continues and Jeju boasts such locations as the Museum of Sex and Health and of course Loveland.

Loveland is, to put it politely, a place to learn the ins-and-outs of love...(making). Much like Hae Sin Dang, the park is home to some provocative statues and displays, unlike Hae Sin Dang, the genders are more equally represented and many displays are a bit more provocative and riskae. Nonetheless, the Harringtons took some scandalous photos (of which few are posted here) and even agreed to take photos for a Korean family/tourist group...who knows?
Feeling as though they had more than satisfied their obligation to hit up some tourist hot-spots the couple made their way toward camping location perfection and a peaceful evening, of which you may read within a matter of minutes, hours or days.

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Jed118 said...

What year was your Matiz?

Also, why not rent a car in Jeju? That's what we did, and my gf drove the auto (mine is stick) rental, freeing me up to drink beer ;)


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