Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Last Matiz Road-Trip: Village Camping and Catching a Ferry

With bellies full and having enjoyed a gorgeous sunset, the Harringtons said their farewell to Mandy and the city of Busan and headed west in search of a place to camp. Being near the coast, the couple assumed that finding a beach would not be entirely difficult. As the couple neared Suncheon Bay they noticed signs for Hwapo Beach and determined that that was their destination and where they hoped to camp for the evening.

Unfortunately, the signs for Hwapo Beach suddenly disappeared and no longer offered any hope to the increasingly tired and unsure couple. So after Melissa offered her opinion on what to do, Mike did the exact opposite (because slowly but surely the couple is learning that, in terms of directions and decisions on the road, Melissa's instinct is never correct) and soon enough the couple was pulling off onto a small dirt road which showcased signs for the mysterious Hwapo Beach. Expecting to find a sandy beach near these newly discovered signs the Harringtons were a little unsure about the concrete docks which seemed to be the equivalent of Hwapo Beach. Nonetheless, sleep was coming on heavy and the docks provided an acceptable place to set up camp and so it was the Harringtons set up camp and woke up to discover they were in fact in an incredibly quaint and peaceful fishing village.


Feeling refreshed and joyful at having chosen such a peaceful location for a nights sleep the couple loaded up the Matiz and continued west toward Janghueng where they were scheduled to load themselves and the Matiz onto a ferry and make their way to Jeju, the "Hawaii of Korea".

However, knowing that their lives were in transition and wanting to truly make the most of their last days in South Korea, the couple opted to stop in Boseong/Yulpo to once again enjoy green tea shakes and more importantly green tea naeng-myeon (cold green-tea noodles). 

PhotobucketFollowing this pit stop, the Harrington trio re-loaded the Matiz, drove through Janghueng and spent another few minutes driving toward the ocean before finally reaching the ferry terminal with more than enough time to spare. After lots of Kindle reading, waiting for the ticket counter to open and maneuvering their way through other Jeju-bound families the Harringtons settled in for a two-hour ferry ride before docking on the island and beginning their four-day Matiz-meets-Jeju adventure.

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