Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Matiz meets Jeju: Waterfalls, Black Pork and Falling Water

With underwater scenes imprinted on their minds, the Harringtons were soon on the road, listening to an increasingly rowdy muffler, heading toward Seogwipo, Jeju's primary city on the southern end of the island.

Tourist maps and guidebooks for this area of the island tout numerous glorious waterfalls and previous travelers to the southern coast of Jeju had highly recommended these very falls as important to the Jeju experience. So it was, the Harringtons began their waterfall spotting, oohing and ahhing.


Each waterfall was truly breathtaking and having the opportunity to spy families and lovebirds enjoy a bit of summer holiday is always a surefire way to bring joy to one's heart. The Harringtons also enjoyed the the beauty of the volcanic coast and the hexagonal columns and vibrant blue waters of the Southern Coast. And, of course, Lady Annyeong had her own way of turning heads and had a few tourists requesting her photo.

Having taken in a sufficient amount of touristy activities, it was that time of day when two things began to happen, bellies were grumbling and wheels were turning in terms of where camp could be set up for the night.

First things first, the Harringtons opted to seek out one of Jeju's most famous meals: Black Pork/5-layer Pork/Poop Pig Pork.  Similar to the three-layer pork that's on the main land, Jeju's pork is rumored to be more succulent and delicious because of the added layers of fat which may or may not be due to the pigs history/present of chowing down on some dung. Regardless of all the rumors, good and unpleasant, the Harringtons were 100% sure that this was a meal that needed to happen while on Jeju island, and boy were they correct in that assumption.


Sitting down at an outdoor table so that Lady Annyeong could hang out under the table, the Harringtons welcomed side dishes, pork, lettuce wraps, garlic and even the restaurant owner to their table. The owner helped to ensure the Harringtons got the best out of the meal and within minutes they were shoving in lettuce wraps of warm kimchi, garlic and 5-layer pork and enjoying the pure joy of deliciousness exploding on their taste-buds.

Entirely satisfied, the Harringtons made their way to a nearby beach (and some incredibly fancy hotels) and quickly found the campground, a free concert and the perfect spot for their tent. Set between a couple of trees, the couple decided that they would fore-go putting up the rain-fly seeing how the nights had been a bit stuffy and uncomfortable as of late.  So with that, the man, the lady and the pup set to drifting off to sleep.

A few hours into their slumber, the heat was to  much to handle and the three Harringtons made their way a bit closer to the beach and thought they'd have a go at sleeping directly under the stars. Just as sleep promised to come once again, the heavens let loose, the Harringtons ran and quickly realized that sleeping in their tent or on the beach were no longer options.

Too tired to give much thought to anything, the Harringtons crammed into the Matiz and went to getting some shut eye while the rain fell heavy and steady.

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