Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beaches, Rainforests and Volcanoes...

Day 26: July 22, 2009 – Olympic National Park, WA to
Oh My!

Waking up was hard. The fog had remained throughout the night, the sun was not about to break through – perfect sleeping weather, so we took the weather up on her offer and remained in our sleeping bags.

Forcing ourselves out of the tent we packed things up and made our way to Forks, WA where Vampires live…or where Twilight was based…or maybe werewolves live there? Who knows, but they were crazy about Twilight! We bought a sticker.

Having protected our necks and avoided the Vampires we were back in the car and heading toward the Hoh Rainforest entrance of Olympic National Park. As we wandered around through the Hall of Mosses we were amazed with the diversity of land we’ve been honored to visit and take in: high mountains, canyons, sequoias, deserts, ocean beaches, and rainforest plus so much more. We admired the thick moss hanging from the trees and were fascinated by the life which comes from death, the fungus and a pair of leaping, playing weasels.

Making our way out of another bio-dome, we made ourselves comfortable in the car and headed south, driving down the coast of Washington and making our way Southeast toward Mount St. Helen’s National Monument. Unfortunately, the Visitors Center closed 5 minutes before we arrived, so we were a little discouraged and made the choice to view the Volcano but rather than hike around on the few trials we knew of, we headed into Castle Rock where we were able to stop at Burger King (not a local joint, but…) and use internet to catch up on a few items.

And now we leave you, wondering: "What will these two do with the rest of their evening? Where will they sleep?" We don't even know the answer to these simple questions. All we know is: we will sleep, we will wake and we will awake to a new day ready for Seattle.

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Micah and SaraJane said...

Just caught up on your blog and loved all of the posts. Reading them does make me miss you both and we look forward to seeing you back home soon!


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