Sunday, July 19, 2009

Water World

Day 20: July 16, 2009 – Coos Bay, OR to Crater Lake National Park, OR
Foggy Bays and Deep Blue Water

A heavy, thick fog engulfed Coos Bay this morning. The perfect morning for a slow start. Postcard writing, showering, eating pancakes and eggs, and enjoying some final conversation with our kind host David.

By 10:00 we were ready to accelerate our way to Crater Lake National Park. Making only one pit stop for some fresh fruit we arrived in Crater Lake National Park around 3:00 in the afternoon. We took the first viewpoint to admire the vibrant blue of Crater Lake. The blue of this lake is the blue we always wished for as children when coloring a picture of lake or the ocean. It is a pure, bright blue that knows no pollution which exudes a supernatural beauty and happiness. We admired the coloration of the lake, the beauty of the flowers which cling to the rocks and all the surrounding landscape before continuing on our way. The journey around the lake led us to a couple visitor centers and lodges where we politely inquired about internet connections, to which one woman replied, “You’re in the Wilderness! You don’t need internet.” Thanks lady, we know where we are, and when you’re in a National Park with resort like facilities, it is not a silly request, this internet thing.

Continuing around the lake we stopped to view and photograph the Vidae Falls and Phantom Ship. Unfortunately, by the time we had arrived at Phantom Ship the mosquitoes were starving for human blood and we quickened our pace as to get out of there and be back in the car. One final viewpoint introduced us to a kind couple from New Jersey who were experiencing some radiator troubles. Of course we are no help when it comes to vehicle care and maintenance, so we served them by sitting and listening as the gentleman offered his prognosis and they waited while their AAA like service attempted to locate them and send the appropriate help. Confident that all we really had to offer them was our listening ears and receiving their confirmation that there was nothing they needed from us we made our way out of the park gates and to Toketee Falls campground where we paid $7 to sleep beneath a heavenly canopy listening to rustling waters and croaking frogs. Peace.

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