Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Tri-State Day

Day 30: July 26, 2009 – Colville, WA to Lakeside, MT
Happy Birthday Aunt Phyllis!

Today was Phyllis’ Birthday! And we were her birthday present! But in reality, they offered us such great accommodations and hospitality that they were our vacation present.

After showers and finishing up laundry we made our way to the breakfast table which was again full of food, this time in Turkish tradition. A plate full of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, cheese, olives, eggs and bread awaited our palates. We enjoyed the freshness of everything presented as well as two cups of America’s best tea: Let’s Do Tea (Snowflake and Blossoms of Spring to be exact). As with the night before, we enjoyed more great conversations about travel, books, tea and family.

Struggling to leave this place of great food and great company, we finally made our way out the door, out of the driveway and eventually out of Washington. Having recently made some trip adjustments, we would now be going through Idaho as opposed to going into Canada. That translates into a Tri-State Day: beginning in Washington, Idaho in the middle, and Montana to top it off at the end of the day. We enjoyed the scenery of Idaho as we made our way through Newport, Sandpoint and Bonner’s Ferry before reaching the Montana border. Of course western Montana is beautiful so we enjoyed the drive through the mountains as we made our way to Lakeside, Montana where we would meet up with one of Melissa’s high school dance-mates’ boyfriends who would house us for the night.

Located on Flathead Lake, Melissa was again filled with fond childhood memories of family reunions and first boat rides as well as her first visit to Glacier National Park and out of the country. James, our nights host, met us at a fish hatchery and lead us to his place.

We chatted a bit about our travels, how he met Bri and what he does in the area. We continued chatting fairly late into the evening, eventually welcoming Steve and son Josh into the conversation. These two are from Atlanta, Josh came to Montana to work and Steve had been out visiting him and a couple National Parks for the past week or so. The five of us talked about everything from speeding in Montana to the mafia. Eventually, Mike and Melissa were able to hit the airbed and try to get some rest before making their way ever closer to home.

Side note: On the way to Jame's place we noticed this sign: Interpret it as you wish.

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