Thursday, July 30, 2009

Home is Where the Family is

Day 29: July 25, 2009 – Northern Cascade National Park to Colville, WA
Take That!

A gray sky greeted us this morning. Nothing too unbearable. We slowly made our way out of bed and began packing the car. We were not fast enough. The rain began to come down harder than we had expected and we were left with only one option: throw the tent and all other things in the backseat so that it might dry.

With a dreary beginning, we started east toward Colville stopping once to take some photos and then further down the road to enjoy a short hike. Our hike took us to Rainy Lake, a short two-mile paved trail that leads to a beautiful mountain lake which showcased two waterfalls. We soaked up the beautiful view and made our way back through the thick forest of two-toned pine trees, creeks and plentiful ground ferns and plant life.

A little exercise under our belts, we continued on our way. Arriving in Colville we decided to stop at a small café and catch up on a few internet things (no blogs, but you know…) before visiting Mike’s Uncle Tom and Aunt Phyllis (this was so we could be good guests, ready to chat and be sociable rather than wanting to use internet.) With the necessities covered online we called Tom and Phyllis and received direction to their home where we welcomed with great warmth, kindness, and food – lots of food! It is, however, important to note at this time that is was raining hard, a downpour of sorts and Melissa’s seat in Nav-E was soaked, so she arrived at the Riggs home sitting in the back seat – darn the sunroof!

After hugs and greetings were exchanged Phyllis offered wine, beer, water, tea and coffee – our kind of hostess! We enjoyed our beverages and some conversations covering where we’d been what we’d experienced and what some of their latest adventures had been. After the first round of chitchat, Phyllis sat us down to a table loaded with food! It was like Thanksgiving, only it was a Pan-African/Pan-Asian type of Thanksgiving with pork ribs, African coleslaw and beans. We filled up on all the delicious food that was presented and enjoyed further conversations including Phyllis’ recent trip with her daughter, Julianna, to Turkey.

After dinner, Phyllis offered us the opportunity to walk around the neighborhood with her as is her routine. Having stuffed ourselves and having heard their was a brownie dessert to come, we decided we too would be wise to walk. So we made our way out and were able to see the failed beginnings of a subdivision and what it looks like when engineers and other organizers fail at compacting and building roads wisely. As we walked, we also enjoyed a pink sky, a handful of deer and Phyllis’ explanation of Holden, WA – the most amazing place on earth. By the end of the walk, Mike and Melissa were convinced to check out Holden, WA and the retreat center which called the small town home.

Back at home, we talked tea, brewed a pot and enjoyed our brownies a la mode with caramel sauce. We were stuffed by this time and quickly fading. So we made our way to the basement which was basically ours so long as we were in Colville and fell into a deep, restful, full-bellied sleep.

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Your pics make me wanna go fishing.


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