Friday, June 17, 2011

Daedunsan or Bust


June 6 is Korea's Memorial Day and offered Guest English Teachers one more day for catching some morning Zzzz's and/or seeing a bit of the country. The Harrington's teamed up with their dear friends the Callaway's and made their way to the nearby Daedunsan Provinical Park. This park is similar to other parks, such as Wolchulsan, with it's steep staircases and suspended bridge. Additonally, this provincial park boasts a Cable Car which allows visitors easy access to the mid-way point on the steep mountain. The cable car is 5,000 won one way or 8,000 won round-trip - The Harrington's and Callaway's opted for the one-way...up the cliff side. Fortunately, the day was not too much of a scorcher and the trek down the mountainside was well shaded and at times refreshing.

As the hike came to an end, the couples made their way back into town for mak-guk-su - a cold, buckwheat noodle soup with some fresh veggies and half a boiled egg, absoultely refreshing at the end of a day on the mountain!

Getting There: (copy/paste from
Daejeon (Seobu Terminal) to Daedunsan (45 minutes to an hour) OR
Daejeon (Dongbu Terminal) to Nonsan, Nonsan to Daedunsan (city bus, the bus stop is right next to the Nonsan terminal)

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Micah and SaraJane said...

The picture of the stairs makes my stomach flip... looks fun despite the heights!


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