Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Home for a Week

Thanks to the extreme kindness and hospitality of a CouchSurfing couple in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Mike and Melissa Harrington enjoyed a full week exploring this northern Thai city.
When in Thailand, particularly during the summer months which are best described as hot and sticky, much like a sauna; a typical day should consist of visiting one or two Wats (temples), drinking a minimum of two Thai Teas, finding a restaurant with air conditioning and Chicken Pad Thai or Bananas in Coconut Milk and chowing down on any random fruits you can manage (except of course Durian). This, anyway, is the way the Harrington's chose to live out life most days in Thailand.

Having spent so many days "in flight" and "in transit" throughout the summer the days the couple was eager to take the days slowly. Everyday had only one or two big items on the agenda accompanied always by the drinking of many cold beverages, most often Thai Tea. After the jam packed schedule of South Africa and the constant harassing of Bangkok Scammers, the couple welcomed these days of 'livin' easy' with open arms.
A few highlights from this week in Chiang Mai that can't quite fill an entire article include:
  • Being asked if they were German. The couple is unsure what kind of reputation the Germans have as travelers, but are pretty sure it's better than the repuation of American travelers.
  • Purchasing artwork from a street vendor who was eager to practice her English and recommend a Wat to visit.
  • Looking out on Chiang Mai from the cities most popular Wat Don Suthup.
  • Drinking Thai Tea daily
  • Recieving Thai Massages at a spa that hires women from the local Women's Prison so that they can look forward to a life of dignity rather than landing back in prison.
  • Discovering the perfect deliciousness of Bananas in Coconut Milk.
  • Sleeping in an airconditioned room free of charge every night.
  • Sunday Walking Street and the variety of vendors and goods being sold.

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