Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Vacation Highlight in Lampang, Thailand

Prior to their arrival in Chiang Mai, the Harrington's had a pleasant, one day stop over in Lampang, Thailand. The city exuded a perfectly quaint, undiscovered Thai vibe that the Harrington's enjoyed immensely and were discouraged they had only one day in this lovely city.

The day of their arrival and departure, turned out to be a holiday. Therefore many businesses were closed down but many students were out and about in a park and provided the Harrington couple some of their fondest Thai Memories. Wondering about the city, the couple spotted numerous groups of school-aged children practicing various dances in a city park. Hot and sticky, the couple sat in the shade and enjoyed watching the many performances and practices.

For any readers who would like a small taste of the couples experience, simply watch this popular K-Pop (that's Korean Pop) music video - this was one of the songs the students were practicing and performing to. Not to mention, the type of music the Harrington's now get to enjoy on a fairly regular basis living in the Republic of Korea\
Aside from the entertainment, the Harrington's were also excited to be approaced by a group of young Thai girls eager to practice thier English. Being a group of girls they were more inclined to talk with Melissa and offered many suggestions for what to do in the area as well as offer Fish-Flavored Taro snacks that weren't as bad as they may sound. The moment was purely Asian and left the couple with warm feelings towards their soon-to-be Asian life.

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