Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hiking Gubonsang Mountain

On Tuesday, September 21st the Harrington's accompanied three other EPIK teachers; Brad, Whitney and Krystyna on a Chuseok Vacation Hike. Krystyna kindly figured out which mountain would provide an easy, short hike as well as how to get there. The Harrington's were not disappointed.

Hiking in Korea is definitely an experience unlike hiking in Wyoming. When hiking in Wyoming one expects many switch-backs, a rugged trail and only a few other hikers to be present -- unless of course you're hiking in Yellowstone or the Tetons. Korea however is a country of efficiency, effieciency in ways the rest of the world has yet to embrace, one example of such efficiency is their tendency to hike or climb straight up the mountain. (The shortest distance from A to B is a straight line). Hence, many of Korea's mountains are equipped with steep staircases - just for an easy hike on Gubonsang Mountain the Harrington's walked up over 300 stairs, likely almost 300 stairs, not to mention the many steep inclines which were not outfitted with proper stairs.

Regardless, Korea's hiking provides a wide range of breathtaking views. From the minute and miniscule flowers and dragonflys to the cityscapes and mountainscapes seen from peaks, hiking will surely become an activity the Harrington's seek out more regularly. As would any of our readers, considering the many quarks and perks of hiking in this nation. Some examples? Often while hiking (or simply walking around town) one will walk by mini-calesthenic stations where you can lossen your muscles, get a bit of a stretch and even rest.

The hike, as advertised was only a few hours time committment and provided each of the hikers an enjoyable and productive way in which to spend the first day of their Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) holiday.

Getting There: From Seodaejeon Station hop on bus 201 and ride until you go over the river then debark at the first stop. Head toward the mountainous area (sorry, not good with directions at this point). The trail head is just pass the wooden carvings as seen in the first photo of this post.

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