Friday, September 17, 2010

Countdown To Korea -- 4 Days in San Fran, CA

As readers know, the Harrington's spent more than four days in the San Francisco Bay area, however the last four held a few highlights and a special visit from some Laramie friends. Had it not been for these friends, the Heimbuck's, Mike and Melissa Harrington likely would have stayed inside, caught up on their blogging and played an unprecedented amount of Bejeweled Blitz. Rather, the Heirmbucks, who weren't "over" traveling and exploring, led the Harrington's on the following adventures of which Mike Harrington captured some absolutely fabulous photos.
An afternoon in Japantown for the annual street festival. Complete with Sushi, Bubble Tea, Old Ladies Dancing up a Storm and Adorable Children.
A path often walked by the touring crew when returning to their home-for-the-week kindly lent by the Rigg-Hillard family.

Sea Lions of Pier 39

Melissa Harrington's most common travel interaction (second only to ordering tea) is purchasing a pair of earrings from a street vendor.
Near a famous book store and watering hole of the beatniks.
Taking time to stop and smell the roses in Golden Gate Park.
The other lovely couple which accompanied the Harrington's on their final "American" days: Karl and Kendra Heimbuck.
The Harrrington's last supper (American/Mexican supper). As in, the last time they'll have delicious and authentic Mexican food in a year as well as the last time they'll eat a supper in America in a year.

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