Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday August 8th - #2 and a Few Days After

Having spent their first Sunday the 8th in Japan the Harrington's found themselves also arriving in San Francisco on Sunday the 8th (crazy how time zones work). The second time around the Harrington's were surprisingly well adjusted and energized (much in part to their pleasant business class flight). Melissa's second cousing picked the couple up at the airport then took them to her home where she would become an outstanding, generous and welcoming host and hostess. Kevin and Jerri McVicker made sure the Harrington's were well fed, freshly showered, comfortable and a number of other kindnesses were extended throughout their stay as readers will soon come to see.

Shortly after arriving and having a quick sandwich Melissa Harrington and Jerri were off to Ross where Mrs. Harrington would spend some time picking out a few professional pieces for herself and the husband. These pieces will soon serve as the fabric of the Harrington's 'new life' teching in South Korea's Public Schools. The pieces were also put to use the following day when the couple made their way into the city for a visit to the Korean Consulate to apply for a work Visa. Much to everyones delight, the trip was quick and painless and allowed the trio to explore Chinatown, enjoy a lunch of DimSum, a tea tating and the many sights and sounds.

The couples days spent with Jerri continued in much the same relaxed and easy-flowing manner as they had begun. The couple enjoyed delicious Mexican dishes, burgers (even once from In-N-Out), glasses of Wine (wine-tasting), frozen yogurt, home-cooked meals and morning cups of tea. The Harrington's also enjoyed an afternoon walk in a gorgeous area of California even spotting a small herd of deer. As is true with all good things - the Harrington's time with Jerri and Kevin came to an end. Once again, the Harrington's packed up their belongings - old and new, and made their way back to the Korean Consulate for their Visas prior to being dropped off at the home of Mike's cousins' house where the would eat pizza, track down a key and finally enter since his counsins were on an adventure of their own!

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