Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fame, Fortune and a Touch of Pure Thailand

If the Harrington's have learned anything of great value throughout their travels it is this: If Lonely Planet gives a destination about one or less pages of information - it will be worth the time and effort to go there. For the Harrington's Songkhla, Thailand was just the spot to stop over for a day, experience a less 'popular' southern region of Thailand and create some of their most fond Thai Memories - much as they had in the northern city of Lampang.

With just over a day to explore the Harrington's began by setting up shop in the Romantic Guesthouse where they would enjoy sleeping in a bed that seemed as though it were stuffed with newspapers but was under the management of a few extremely sweet Thai women. With their belongings stowed away, it was time to explore and discover. Stomachs growling the couple made their way to a market, saw some food that look tasty, pointed and smiled then sat down with their extremely cheap and delicious meal. Leaving the market, the two opted to purchase some lychee. The price read 20 Baht (the equivelent of about 60 cents) however the couple didn't know what they would get for 20 Baht --they soon discovered, a mere 20 Baht could purchase 1 kg of fresh spiky pink and green lychee fruit.

Lychee in hand, the Harrington's made their way toward the beach and experimented with various ways to eat their recent fruit purchase. They opted for peeling, sticking the whole thing in the mouth, then removing the pit. The afternoon brought the Harrington's to Songkhla's famous Mermaid Statue where they took some shots and were even asked by some Malaysian tourists to pose in a picture with them -- sure, why not!?!
Following the Mermaid adventure and few minutes of fame on the beach the Harrington's decided a day at the Aquarium was just what they needed. Upon arrival, they discovered tickets for foreigners were 3X the price as for locals, however, considering that made tickets a mere $9 they went for it. At the Aquarium, they enjoyed watching the feeding show where Manta Rays and small Sharks did "tricks" for bits of fish. The rest of the time was passed 'finding nemo' and any other fish friends. And, as one would expect, the Harrington's again were recognized for their dashingly good and famous looks and asked to pose in yet another photo.

With two out of a half-dozen of Songkhla's top attractions checked off the list, it was now time for the Harrington's to make their way to the Dragon's Head Statue. The tail and body of this Dragon are spread throughout the city, however the head is the most fascinating and enjoyable to photograph. The day finally began to cool and the Harrington's slowly made their way back to their Guesthouse making a few stops to watch various people play soccer and a group of students practice a special song and dance number. Their only regret was not having more time to spend in Songkhla.

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