Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the Kitchen: October 2010

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A tiny kitchen and ingredient changes and challenges have not detered Melissa Harrington from her love of cooking.  As she uses her time in South Korea to experiment with crock-pot dishes and the use of Korean ingredients and substitutes we at The Harrington Times hope to keep readers drooling just a little and experimenting in their own kitchens.  For readers who reside in the USA these posts will hopefully remind you of meals enjoyed with the Harrington's and perhaps even inspire you to bring a little Korean flair into your own kitchen.  For readers currently living in South Korea, hopefully these posts will provide you some inspiration and ideas for using your small space and a fair amount of new-to-you ingredients. Although Melissa did not enjoy the greatest of successes she is off to a good start and enjoying the challenge of making each home-made dish the best it can be!

From October, here are the Harrington's favorite Asian Creations. Enjoy!

All recpies linked from Melissa's personal food diary:


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Your skills in the kitchen simply AMAZE me, Mrs. Harrington!


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