Friday, October 15, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Attend Baseball Games in Daejeon

10. To see drop-dead adorable children and having an opportunity to sneak some photos of their precious faces.
 9. The anticipation of each and every 'costume change' of the Baseball Cheerleaders
 8. The chance to hear hundreds of blow-up tubes drumming to the tunes of 'Win Daejeon, Win!'
 7. Opportunity to cheer for a team that is bottom of the ranks as if they are number one.
 6. The joy of being able to bring your own beverages and food into the ball park.
 5. A chance to win a t-shirt shot from the t-shirt cannon.
 4. A place to practice your Korean pronunciaiton at the top of your lungs while singing players names.
 3. A chance to have your photo taken with either the male or female Eagle Mascot.
 2. Yet another excuse to drink beer and spend time with friends.
 1. Experiencing the kind generosity of Koreans with gifts of squid, pigs feet and warm beer -- maybe even a kiss on the cheek!

Getting There: Don't remember the details...check back next season!

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