Thursday, October 21, 2010

An Unordinary Night in Daejeon

On Saturday, October 16th, 2010 Daejeon entered the ranks of cities worth visiting. According to Daejeon Access, the Korean Government was interested in increasing tourism to the central area of Korea - that, for those of you unfamiliar with Koreas geography, includes Daejeon Metropolitan City. With this push towards tourism, Daejeon hosted an event of great variety, intrigue and only a few failures.

The Harrington's were clearly eager to enter the festivities and see what Daejeon would have to offer to their exerience with Festivals. This last weekend Festivals included three major events: The Balloon Fiesta, The Deli Show and Rock Fest.

The Balloon Fiesta was marked by a large floating Panda bear, many kites of numerous varity, toy rockets and hot air balloon baskets which were center stage for an evening pyro-technic and firework show. Mike and Melissa showed up in the late afternoon and enjoyed watching numerous adorable children flying kites and shooting flames into the sky from hot air balloon baskets. Festivities also included an impressive (always impressive) Taekwondo performance and mock K-pop performance.

From Balloons to Food, the Harrington's made their way across the street for Daejeon's Deli Tour, rumoured to be a showing of numerous international foods, beer and wine the Deli Tour didn't quite meet expectations but
was filled with numerous people (especially the expat community), countless Korean dining options and a few 'International' dining options - such as stir-fry pasta from Spain and kabab from Turkey. Sometimes you just have to smile and shrug when Korea dishes out something unexpected.
The Deli Tour shared grounds with Daejeon's Rock Fest. The Harrington's and friends however, were not too hot on the first band so headed back to the Balloon Fiesta. Here they witnessed an impressive and explosive pyro-technic/firework display. Follwing the colors and explosions of fireworks the Harrington's, Mullen's and Callaway's found themselves holding paper lanterns - a gift from on of Melissa's co-workers.On the lenterns they would place there hopes, dreams or messages for home and send them into the night sky. As lanterns drifted and memories were captured the group of six decided to re-locate their party to a cozy bar where they could sit, chat and continue to enjoy an out of the ordinary type night in Daejeon, South Korea.

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Eric Anderson said...

What a great time! How do the paper lanterns work? I am curious b/c G and I want to try to build one and launch it with the girls. We had wanted to do it during our "hot air balloon" unit (for homeschooling) which we created and had coincide with the Abq Int'l Balloon Fiesta. Sounds like an experience. Proud of you guys.


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