Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Making of a 'Big' Decision

Generally when people take on the task of making a 'big' decision they will spend months mulling it over, researching options, drawing up pros and cons, etc.

The Harrington's tend to get a nudging gut-instinct that says 'GO!' With a bit of caution they examine the gut feelings, attempt to discern what's really going on and move forward. Consider for example their dating relationship which lasted 2.5 months prior to an extraordinary mountain top engagement which lasted the total of 3 months before the "Big Day."  Or consider the manner in which they placed all their eggs in the Daejeon, South Korea basket (however, in reality the couple did do a little more research and preperation on opportunites for living and working abroad, but Daejeon won with hardly any fight when the decision making came down to it).

Needless to say, living in a foreign land hasn't drastically changed this characteristic and much to even their own surpise, a big decision has been made.  Starting this week, Wednesday Korea time, Tuesday USA time Melissa Harrington will begin posting online discussions, reading uncanny amounts of technical/textbook writing and preparing weekly papers in pursuit of a Masters of Art in Education focusing on English Language Learners.

When asked as to how this decision was made Mrs. Harrington simply replies "I'm not quite sure." She continues by explaining her own shock at the ease and speed of making this decision. "Just a month ago, as I listened to two friends discuss their participation and plans of entering the program I thought 'I could never/would never do that!' Now, here I am." A few more questions from THT reveals that for the Harrington's an online Masters degree just made sense.  Although there is much to do in teaching while in Korea there is a fair amount of free time particularly while sitting at a computer, so time is more or less in abundance.  The Harrington's also took into consideration their current income, savings goals and cost of the program and felt all were easily managed - saving money as well as paying for the courses and even having a good deal of fun while living in the Republic of Korea.

If any of our readers are also finding themselves wanting to pursue higher education or simply grasp a better understanding of what Mrs. Harrington is about to undertake we encourage you to explore Ashford University and/or specifically the Masters of Arts in Education section.

(Many thanks to Jennifer Mullen for her effort in searching out programs and encouraging Melissa Harrington to move forward in this 'big decision').


Brynn said...

Congrats on this big decision! It will be amazing and you are an awesome student!!!
Loves! Brynn

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a decision made and a week of study under your belt! You will be great!


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