Monday, November 21, 2011

Return to Songrisan National Park

Although the couple recently visited this national park, a return trip was in order for three reasons:

1. Fall Leaves
2. An escape from studying
3. And to enjoy the company of a sweet family the Harrington's met while sipping on Korean wine

So it was, on a chilly November Saturday - after all-night no-rae-banging, the couple rolled out of bed, loaded the car and made their way to Songrisan National Park.

The day was enjoyed hiking, snacking on fantastic bread and cheese, being entertained by the darling 1 year old Sasha, chatting about hiking ventures back home in the states and washing it all down with some BBQ duck and makgeoli.

Ahh...Fall, quickly on it's way out.



1 comment:

Sandra said...

Wow, those views are gorgeous! Beautiful pictures! Glad you enjoyed a relaxing day with that as your background! :) Did you guys have a good Thanksgiving?


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