Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding Vows on the Great River Han

On November 5, 2011 the Harrington's had the great honor of attending the wedding of their dear friend, Younglan. Younglan faithfully assisted the Harrington's in caring for various odds and ends which require Korean fluency as well as provided great friendship, joy and wisdom to the couple throughout their first year in South Korea. So, it was with great joy and anticipation that the Harrington's (along with dear friend Aaron, the reason M&M know Younglan at all) hopped on a Wedding Bus and headed toward Seoul. That's correct, you read the words 'Wedding Bus'. Since the Wedding took place in the groom's home town, the Bride (or Bride's family) provided transport from her hometown to the wedding site. And, typical to Korean service, fashion, culture and tradition, those who went by bus were greeted by a sweet gift bag of snacks (nuts, rice cake, squid jerkey, mandarin oranges, and candy) plus beverages (fiber-drink, cola, and water).


Upon arrival at the wedding hall, beautifully situated on (or more technically, in) the great Han River, guests sought out the Bride and/or Groom and sat down for an all-out photo shoot. A rather daunting experience considering the glowing, spectacular beauty of the Bride compared to her guests. Nonetheless, this photo experience is a great chance to whisper a few encouraging words to the bride and give a warm wish for a most joyful marriage to come.


Unlike a typical western wedding where all guests are expected to focus solely on the ceremony as it occurs, the Harrington's were seated one floor above the wedding ceremony where they could watch the events unfold on a large TV screen while enjoying the most delectable luncheons provided in the land of Kimchi. It is therefore assumed, that while the Harrington's were washing down the most delicious salmon with a glass of red wine, stuffing bits of prime rib and pumpkin into their mouths and enjoying every bit of chocolate cake they could manage, the Bride and Groom promised to love and hold one another for all time.


Although unlike any wedding ceremony the Harrington's had ever attended, the day was perfectly sunny, warm, beautiful and filled with love and anticipation for a beatiful future of a man and his wife.


Cora said...
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Younglan said...

Thank you M&M for coming and beautifully describing my wedding!


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