Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Waygook Needs a Liver Transplant

Recently while wasting time scouring the internet for mostly useless information, the Harrington's came across the following story that tugged at our heart strings:
There is an New Zealand teacher (his name is Michael Milne and he is 47) who has been put into ICU in Busan diagnosed with liver failure. He is on the list for a liver transplant and he will not survive without one. He is O- blood type (the rarest), so is in a dire situation. His brother has recently arrived and it is hopeful he will be a suitable match to donate part of his liver.

The surgery is going to cost 40 million won, but the Health Insurance we receive as Foreign Teachers does not cover cancers or transplants!!! His family have been unable to get the money necessary so are asking for help from the expat community, before it's too late.

There is a thread on Waygook here:,25243.0.html
And a Facebook event here with information on how to donate:

He's in a terrible position being stuck in a foreign country with a serious illness, and I'm sure any help will be appreciated. I do not know him, but I would hate to have this happen to me so want to spread the word.

Please do what you can.

We can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to be bedridden and stuck in a foreign country; even one as developed as South Korea. $40,000 is a lot of money, but it's not much compared to a transplant in the states and for hopefully helping someone out in such a tough situation, it's nothing! We don't know this man--he lives in a different city miles away--however, he's part of our community (a fellow 마이클 Teacher) and we want to help him. If you feel compelled to toss a few bucks his way we encourage you to do so! Thanks!

If you are sending funds from within Korea:
Nonghyup Bank (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)
Name: 마이클 (Michael Milne)
Account - 811057 52 067773

... If you are sending funds from another country to Mick's Korean account:
Bank name: National Agricultural Cooperative Federation
Name: Michael Milne
Account number: 811057 52 067773
Address: 75, Chungjeongro 1 Ga
Jung-Gu, Seoul, Korea
Phone: 82-10-7552-1964

****UPDATE**** Paypal account has now been set up:

As of November 23rd, over 10 million won has been raised to help Mick out and his brother is a suitable donor. The surgery will be taking place next week.

As of December 12th, 19.5 million won has been raised. 3.5 million of which was used for pre-operation tests for Mick's brother. Keep it up people!

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