Friday, July 13, 2012

PSA's and Pictures of Lady:Edition Four


Not so much of a PSA in the same sense of previous PSA's, but perhaps some helpful information nonetheless. Many of the following 'service announcements' may warrant a more full-fledged blog regarding the ins and outs of how the Harrington's accomplished the following tasks, but for now, this is more of an area to find some helpful links when preparing to leave Korean Public School and/or travel from Korea to the USA with a dog.

Speaking of the dog, the above photos are bit old and the Lady is now sporting a much more cropped hairstyle allowing her to feel a bit fresh in this humid, Korean summer heat!

Preparing to leave Korea is filled with the need to sell, pack, apply, meet for final dinners, say good-bye and try to organize something that resembles life after departure in whatever corner of the world you've decided to tackle next.

Because so many have come before us and done this task of leaving, it's nice to read through some blogs and discover what worked and didn't work for others as they prepared to leave. The Harrington's are impressed with this detailed account of one teacher's leaving process from filling out forms to shipping things home. More info regarding shipping things (even from Incheon Airport) home can be found at Farm Boy and City Girl's website.

Important forms for EPIKers (Daejeon specifically) who need Pension, Severance Pay and Exit Allowance can be found under the downloads tab here.

And, as for taking a furry friend home with you...there's so many resources and so many things to consider, a few of the forms and sites that the Harrington's have found the most helpful information with have been the following (the Harrington's will return to the United States, so this information is most specific to the US, apologies to folks of other nations):

Proof of Rabies Vaccination Form: here (dogs must receive this vaccination at least 30 days prior to leaving Korea and no more than a year)

Information about flying with Pets on Korean Air which happens to be an impressive airline which is a bit more expensive for people, but the most reasonable for pets, making it ultimately the best deal - people are comfortable, pets are comfortable and it costs no more than $200 to fly any animal whether on board or in cargo. In cargo, pets are in a temperature controlled area designed with pets specifically in mind! Thanks Korean Air! Looking forward to flying with you and entrusting our sweet girl to your care!

Information about dogs departing from Korea and their quarantine requirements: here

Form for Entry into the United States: here.

Sizing your dog for a kennel: here.

Sources for abundant information regarding everything you want to know about flying with pets: PetTravel and Animal Rescue Korea

And that's what the Harrington's have discovered thus far in their process of leaving South Korea.

Oh, and we should mention, for those who wish to purchase airline tickets and pay with Korean Won, the Harrington's have had nothing but excellent experiences with Kangsan Travel.  They provide services online, English-website and other services, absolutely perfect and easy to manage, send them an inquiry or select your tickets online and await their reply - no hassle and you can pay in WON!

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