Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Morning Movies: Korea's Answer to the Matinee


As a child, I remember being sent to the movie theater on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for a free matinee (at least I recall it occasionally being free, however, as a child all things appear to be essentially free thanks to the pocketbooks of one's parents). Regardless, weekend afternoons in small-town America provided cheaper-than-usual-if-not-free access to entertainment (if I recall correctly, the free show was always an older movie of sorts). 

Having now grown older, however, I generally view movies as a pricey form of entertainment especially since our small-town America still posts 'cheap-seats' at an old, run down theater. Alas, there is always an itch and a desire to head out for a movie, enjoy the smells of popcorn and lounging in expensive theater seats with surround sound and big screen action.

Yet, this Spring, after nearly two years of living in South Korea, the man and I learned about Korea's gift to the early bird in the form of Morning Movies. Most theaters will open around 8:00 or 8:30 and until roughly 10:00 am all movies are offered at the discounted price of 5,000 won! The man and I enjoyed our first morning movie on my birthday and recently headed to the theater again where we enjoyed watching The Dark Knight Rises on opening weekend in a full-theater for a discounted price!

If you're new to Korea or just arriving, be sure to drag yourself out of bed early a couple of times on the weekends because honestly, Morning Movies are just friggin' awesome and leave you the rest of the day to do as you please!

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