Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bluegrass and a B-Boy

You already know that the Harrington's enjoyed the combination of Ballet and B-Boying and that they enjoyed their recent trip to Seoul where they watched the R-16 2012 Solo B-Boy, Popping and Locking competitions.

And perhaps you remember that they have a deep felt love for bluegrassy tunes.

And if you're real close to them, you may know that they've been wanting to make a stop motion video for some time now.

And, if you're not too critical of things that don't really go together and relatively unimpressive video editing skills, it's possible you'll enjoy the following video which is a B-Boy Stop Motion set to the tune of John Hartford's Indian War Whoop [Instrumental] from the Oh Brother Where art Thou? Soundtrack

Enjoy ^^

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