Monday, July 23, 2012

From Bluegrass to Hip-Hop: R-16 B-Boy Competition Road Trip

The Harrington's are always up for an adventure and checking out new things, including things which may be unusual to their specific leanings. On July 7th, the couple embarked on such an adventure, singing along to Nickle Creek and Jalan Crossland on the two hour drive to Seoul's Olympic Park where they were set to enjoy an evening fully immersed in the best of hip-hop, b-boy, popping and locking culture.


Aside from bluegrass blaring from the speakers, the days trip was additionally highlighted by driving through Osan, South Korea where none other than Chuck Norris began his martial arts career (Melissa brought in July by working through Chuck Norris' autobiography/biography Against All Odds and was filled with legitimate Chuck Norris trivia on this recent road trip).

Upon arriving and parking within the grounds of the Seoul Olympic Park (1988) the Harrington's were fully aware and prepared to kill a few hours exploring the park, eating ice cream and taking in the warm summer day. Having oriented themselves to the R-16 venue of the Olympic Hall, the couple set off to explore and quickly opted to rent a double-canopy bike for an hour and eagerly pedaled around the park finding the Olympic flame housed at peace gate, numerous convenience stands providing ice cream bars and sodas and plenty of happy families enjoying a Saturday outing.


As their hour came to a close, the Harrington's noticed that all too familiar grumble of the mid-section and promptly opted to grab a bowl of naeng-myeon (cold noodles) from a Korean restaurant within the Olympic Park grounds before making their way to Olympic Hall for B-Boy competitions to begin.

Following their late lunch/early dinner, it was time to settle in for some street art, heart-pounding bass, baggy pants, cheering fans and hot dance moves.


Having recently enjoyed a performance of The B-Boy who Loved a Ballerina, the Harrington's knew that the skills to be displayed on stage of R-16 would be utterly unbelievable. Regardless, that did not prevent them from oohing-ahhing and OMGing throughout numerous performances which played out something like this:

The evening was an exceptional showcase of popping, locking, b-boying and beat-boxing, leaving the Harrington's wishful of someday soon perfecting their own popping (for Mike) and locking (for Melissa) routines.


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