Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Eerie Family Reunion

Like being able to go to Grandma's house, one of the great joys for the Harringtons has been the ability to go meet up with family at a moments (or more) notice. On a mid-September Saturday, the Harringtons caught a ride with Katie Harrington and made their way down to Eerie, Colorado for a Rigg-Cousin Family Reunion.

As is typical to family reunions, this one was laden with a table full of food including grilled burgers, brats and hot dogs accompanied by fruit salads, crab-apple butter and bread, cake, chips, amazing salsa and queso dip, oatmeal creme pies and much more to keep the hungry attendees well cared-for. Typical to a Rigg reunion, the event also included an athletic event for family members, young and old to participate. The game? Kickball. The teams? Worland vs. the World. That's because some Riggs have strong childhood ties to Worland, Wyoming whereas the rest of us...well, we're just more worldly ;) (And now you know who wrote this piece, eh?).
Aside from top-notch foods and a rolicking good game of Kickball, the evening included meeting the newest addition of Twins, courtesy of Chris and Tara, watching the new generation of Rigg-lets care for one another, having the sweet eldest daughter/grandchild of the Rigg family run with Lady Annyeong, gazing upon a most gorgeous sunset and sending our love on the tails of balloons to Father/Grandfather/Brother/Son/Uncle Rick who continues to inspire and direct this clan of loving, gracious and athletic family.

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Kstylick said...

Family brings us a different type of joy and contentment. You're lucky that you still have yours. be thankful for that. have a good life!


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