Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Death of a Car

Sometimes you enjoy concerts and quick vacations and these things let you know that you have a beautiful life.

Sometimes, your car dies on the side of the road and while you question whether or not life is always beautiful you're amazed by the blessings of friendship and family.

Friends who leave their desk and work obligations to help you navigate the death of your hardly-month-old-car, bringing you oil and oil filters, following you to make sure you're safe, and when you die again, sticking around, calling tow-truck companies and making sure we have somewhere to go.

Family who welcomes you into their home, last minute, bakes you a pizza and gives you a nice warm bed for a night while you try to figure out where to go from here.
So you spend a day watching Sesame Street and communicating with mechanics just to discover that the engine ran just enough without oil that the car is now and forever toast. The afternoon is spent making arrangements to get back home and get to work and figure out to discard this hunk of metal which just a day before was your mode of transportation.
And you end this segment of life, these concerts and vacations and car troubles still surrounded by family and receiving a ride from the same friend who helped the night before and you choose to believe that, even in these less than pleasant moments, you live a beautiful life.

P.S. Always, ALWAYS check your oil. We recommend you do so every time you fill up the gas tank.

1 comment:

Kstylick said...

Must be hard being left behind by such an important part of your life. Been through ups and downs then nada it die. You buy new one.


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