Monday, March 4, 2013

A Mid-Winter Vacation: On the Road and In the Breweries

While it may seem the Harringtons only made their way to Montana to drink fine beer (such as those from 406 Brewing, or Draught Works, or Tamarack's) the truth is they made the long haul in order to see their dearest Korean friends one of whom was in Montana for a month of study the other of whom, her husband, was in for just a short visit, so the Harrington duo requested a couple of personal days and set out to see these two gems. You may remember the couple from THT events such as visiting Beartree Park, learning to Play Go-Stop at the Farm, watching the kickin' good show Jump, Sleepovers, trips to the DMZ and Final Farewells at the Airport. Needless to say, this is a couple which the Harringtons have many fond memories with and whom they cherish greatly. So, while Montana provides great beer, for a time, the state also housed some great friends.
Having survived some less than perfect driving conditions and a sample of beers at 406 Brewing, the Harrington duo was ready to meet up with the dear Koreans for whom they had made the long, crazy haul. Upon pulling into Missoula, the couple headed to the University campus to pick-up Hyunhee. Having exchanged hugs and words of greeting, the little trio was en route to the airport in order to retrieve Hak-cheol who had spent a lovely day or two exploring San Francisco. 

PhotobucketUpon reuniting with the entire crew, it was off to enjoy some fine American beer, food and of course chatting. The couples first made their way to Draught Works where they shared a double sampler followed by a few pints. As the representatives of good American brews, the Harringtons pushed and prodded the Korean couple to enjoy the fine flavors which can (and should) exist in a pint of beer. Hakcheol came around quickly in terms of enjoying quality libations, while Hyunhee would take a bit longer, always hindered by her inability to get much further than a half-pint. All jokes and teasing aside, the couples raised their glasses to being reunited at last and began plotting the course of the evening, dinner plans and the following days that they would all spend together.

With both Hyunhee and Hakcheol feeling a bit jet-lagged and the Harrington duo fading fast from many hours on the road, the crew decided dinner, followed by sleeping arrangements was to be the order for the evening. They made their way across to town to one of the breweries which also served food, Tamarack's, and set to chowing down, catching up and preparing to find their bed for the night.

As part of a Korean government program to improve English ability, Hyunhee would be staying on the University campus. Fortunately, thanks to expat friends in Korea who otherwise call Missoula home, the Harringtons and Hakcheol had been set up with a local Missoulan and made their way toward his apartment where they showed up too late to meet their host and eagerly made their beds on couches, chairs and floors - all ready for a nice night of sleep and a day of exploring and enjoying Montana to come.

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