Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pizza Tour: Biga Pizza of Missoula, Montana

When you drink as much beer as the Harringtons do, it doesn't take long to get a hankering for a fine pizza pie! Fortunately, Missoula knows how to provide more than just good beer and the Harringtons were fortunate to sink their teeth into some extraordinary wood-fired pizza from Biga Pizza in downtown Missoula.

While beer is the perfect compliment, both Harringtons opted for hard cider at Biga Pizza and split the flavor of their large pie (yeah, yeah, a large for two people may be overkill, but the duo hammered it out!) Half the pie was topped with Sausage and Flathead Cherry chutney while the other side featured Prosciutto and Figs, both of which were truly phenomenal and made taste-buds skip and sing with joy.

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