Friday, March 22, 2013

An Early Week Snowshoe Outing

Occasionally, it's easy to feel too lazy, too stuck-at-home, too sheltered, too stuck-in-a-basement, too eager to get out and do something!

The Harrington life has been busy with lots of road-trips and the tackling of a few other big projects, leaving the entire family (three-legged member included) anxious to get out of the house!

 photo IMG_20130211_160311.jpg

And that's exactly what they did on a Monday afternoon. They left work. Loaded up the car. Strapped on some snow-shoes and set out about exploring their favorite state and watching their sweet pup tackle the mounds of snow as if she were born to be buried in snow.

 photo IMG_20130211_155713.jpg

 photo IMG_20130211_155901.jpg

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