Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Vacation at Home: Laramie, WY and Denver, CO August 18-22

The Harrington's final days in the US were spent primarily in Laramie soaking up memories and good-eats with the Harrington sisters and ton of friends. Upon arriving from Sturgis, SD the couple were thrilled to enter 519 and find the dearly beloved Herrboldt's, Blomberg's and Steinkens. Friday brought with it a necessity to tackle some errands such as fingerprints and the receiving a new title in hopes that Navajo Durango (the Subaru) can find new owners in Colorado. The highlight of the day however was heading on over to the Cooley's place for their infamous Fish Tacos and even more infamous company enjoyed alongside the Herrboldt's and topped off with a glass of Red Ass Rhubarb wine out of South Dakota.

Saturday brought a slow, easy start and was quickly highlighted by an event where the Harrington's were honored to see a number of dearly beloved friends from their time in Laramie. No photos were taken, but images of dearly beloved friends gathered within the walls of 519 chatting and living life fill the hearts and memories of the Harrington's. Among these images, a few stand out, in particular one which involved a can of unsuspecting silkworm chrysalis and a crew of equally unsuspecting tongues which took on the challenge and passed with flying colors! (However, only one friend, who will remain unnamed [yeah right], enjoyed them enough to consider creating a silkworm stirfry -- oh Lisa ^.^).

The weekend carried on with a number of oppurtunities to catch up with their Laramie community when the Harrington's made their way to Emmaus Road Community church. Following the service, the couple went downtown to enjoy lunch at Coal Creek Coffee Co. with the Harrington sisters and for Melissa to meet up with the talented and enjoyable Becca Skinner before loading up the Herrboldt's Subaru and heading down to Ft. Collins.


Saying their final farewell to Laramie and ultimately Wyoming, the Harrington's were soon in Ft. Collins sitting down to enjoy a delicious Ethiopian meal with the Herrboldt's, Atwood's, Luella and Ryan. As was common at this juncture of their vacation the couple then said a tearful good-bye to the Herrboldt's before heading over to the Atwood's place for a roaring good time and game of Redneck Life (highly recommened and a desired item by the Man Harrington -- hint, hint to gift givers to the Harrington's ;)).


Monday, August 22 was the Harrington's final day in the United States and was filled with little more than eating, lounging, grocery shopping, re-packing and more eating. Fortunately, Melissa's sister Luella is no stranger to the kitchen and the boyfriend Ryan is no stranger to the grill, so it was, the last meal the Harrington's enjoyed in the US was: steak, mashed potatoes, fried okra and cheese stuffed, bacon-wrapped figs - you ought to be jealous.

With one last set of tears the Harrington's bid farewell to family, wide-open spaces, clear air, poor job oppurtunities, obesity and the whole gamut of America and headed to the land of Kimchi where they are joyfully residing for at least one more year.

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Annalise said...


Sorry, I got really excited. I miss them. I'm so happy you got to have such a lovely, fulfilling time at home. :)


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