Sunday, May 8, 2011

Of Trick Art, Breweries and a Circus

A week ago today, the Harrington's were finishing off a fabulous weekend in Seoul, South Korea. Arriving Friday night, the Harrington's made their way to a friends home to settle in for a delicious dinner of Japanese Curry and a few hours of healthy conversation before settling into one of Korea's most comfortable beds.

Saturday morning came with thunder and lightening and after a shower, the Harrington's stepped out into the 'radioactive' shower that was Seoul on Saturday April 30. Not to be disheartened, the couple made their way to the subway, successfully transferred lines once or twice and found themselves in Hong-dae; a very university oriented area of the city. With rain pouring down the couple made their way between shops and cafes before finding their destination: The Trick Eye Museum. The place where dreams and laughter abound.

Following the joy of Trick Art, the Harrington's made their way to Itaewan - the foreigner neighborhood of Seoul to pick up some English books as a Birthday gift for Melissa and then to meet up with friends Jon and Whitney for a burger and beer at Craft-works Tap House. The beer and burger were phenomenal for these American taste buds that have been yearning for a full-bodied, flavorful beer outside of their own home. Filled with good eats and drinks and a bit drained from the activities of the day, the Harrington's made their way to the subway and back to their friends home for a comfortable nights sleep.
Sunday morning came and the couple enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of breakfast tacos, easy conversation and eventually a stroll to the subway station. With less effort and transfers than the day prior, the Harrington's made their way to the Jamsil Sports Complex and went to looking for the Big Top Center where they would soon enjoy their first Cirque du Soleil Performance.

The show was amazing and left the Harrington's breathless a number of times and had them on the edge of their seats throughout. If you've never been to Cirque du Soleil or watched a performance on tape, it comes highly recommended as the show itself and the level of skill showcased is beyond explanation and is therefore best viewed in person.

After a quick pit stop at Cafe Ti-Amo for a waffle and gelato with friends the Harrington's gathered their belongings and began the trek back to their Wookyeong-bil home and sweet Lady Annyeong.

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