Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surprise! We're Going Hiking


Somedays you arrive at your given school setting expecting to bust out some lesson plans, waste-precious-time on facebook, play a little online chess and send of some important emails as you've been informed that you won't be teaching that day. Yet, occassionally you arrive at work on these days to be told that your plans to be productive are being replaced with an all staff hike followed by all staff dinner. It's on these days that you are fully aware of the Dynamic Korea in which you live.

The above photos are from one such day in the life of Michael Teacher. Hiking on the edge of Daejeon city, you can see the haze of yellow dust hanging in the sky - the least pleasant attribute of the spring season in the Republic of Korea. Regardless, trading in a computer screen and squeaky desk chair for a peaceful stroll on the mountain side is always a welcome surprise.

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