Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Something's a Brewing in Wookyeong-bil


A Jack-of-all-Trades, Mike Harrington has taken on the challenge and great joys of brewing his own beers at '519' Wookyeong-bil. A few pints of Cass and Hite into his stay in Korea quickly revealed that a good beer was going to be hard to find, no Easy Street Wheat in these parts of the world. So it was, with great motivation and high expectations that the man of the house set out to brew his own beers. A couple months in and Mike Harrington has successfully completed 4 brews from concentrates which he purchased from

A bookshelf of beer bottles later and this is only the beginning. The Harrington Times will keep readers up to date on the latest brews and hopefully get the insight and input from the brew master himself. Until then, know and trust that the Harrington's have the joy and pleasure of drinking quality brews regardless of what's on tap at the local beer house.


Jon Kelly said...

Way to go! I told Sandra I wanted to try brewing some and got shut down pretty quickly. I'll convince her by next summer.

Mike said...

Jon I would absolutely recommend it. It's easy to get into, and there's just something to be said about sitting back on a hot day and drinking one of your icy cold creations. You can always do ginger ales, root beers, and cream sodas if Sandra is worried about the alcohol part of the beer.

It can be a fairly scientific process too, I'm sure there's some lessons in it for your kids.


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