Monday, May 2, 2011

No-Rae Bang Nights: Farewells and Celebrations

A dear friend of the Harrington's and other Daejeon GET's has bid-farewell to the land of kimchi, last minute changes, uncaring co-teacher's and a frustrating educational system. As well, he bid farewell to a good group of friends, some fine meal options and restaurants, a host of lovely students and a few good co-workers. Good-byes, under such contexts and within the majority of contexts, are bittersweet.

However, when such good-byes come with Nights (that's right, plural)at the No-rae Bang, sweet treats, and flashing lights, the sweet over-rides the bitter and joyful times are had by all.



Highlights from the latest round of No-Rae Bang:

Mmmbop - Hanson(dedicated to Melissa's dear friend who she once said a bitter sweet good-bye to, Erin C.).

Wonderwall - Oasis (The friend who said "good-bye's" favorite No-Rae Bang moment - EVER, so he said).

Purple Rain - Prince(only because only one singer of the No-Rae Bang was a true-blue fan of Prince and everyone else was wishing the song would just end).

Zombie - The Cranberries (Most fabulous when accompanied by the 'Zombie' walk or when performed by the dynamic Mullen duo).

A Whole New World - From Aladin (Because Disney is a happy place, even after too much soju and beer)

일어나 - 김광석 (Because we are in why not sing some Korean song every once in a while?)

We at THT are sure we've missed some huge joys...some should simply be saved for the No-Rae, however, feel free to chime in if you were there or make suggestions as we will surely be hitting up the No-Rae Bang again.


Anonymous said...

haha- and then there were those of us who thought they could speed up "Purple Rain" by singing at the top of their lungs and then 'conveniently forgetting' it ever happened....


Brian said...

This is perfect, thank you. I miss you guys a lot already. Love you all!


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