Monday, August 1, 2011

Stories from the Couch: The One we Forgot to Tell

On May 15th the Harrington's were host to three lovely souls, 2 from England and one from Canada. The three are/were English teachers in the southern Korean town of Suncheon. The trio made their way to Daejeon for the infamous Barefoot Marathon (which may or may not be a full marathon). The Barefoot race occurs on a mountain near Daejeon that is famous for it's natural red clay which is, as with most things in Korea, good for your health. (Perhaps next year the Harrington's will provide a first hand account of this race so readers have a better understanding regarding this unique event of the city and country in which the Harrington's reside).

Continuing on, the three guests, Charlotte, Sarah and Dave arrived Saturday evening offered great conversation, assisted in preparing a large and delicious pasta salad, gave their 'expert' opinion on Mike's Alcoholic Apple Cider and got a good night's rest prior to heading out in the morning for their race to victory.

Although the time was short and this story lost in the archives the Harrington's enjoyed their evening with this trio and hope they've enjoyed much success in making their own cider. 

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