Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vacation at Home: Denver, CO August 1-3

The Harrington's made their way home to visit family and friends on the first day of August. After 26 hours of traveling, 16 of those in air the couple landed at DIA where they were greeted at the gate by dear friend Mark before taking the train and escalator to the 'hall of reunions' where Melissa and her sister Luella ran into each others arms with smiles, tears and an indescribable joy that can only be fostered with 14 months of absence. The crew of five (Mike, Melissa, Mark, Luella and Ryan-Luella's boyfriend) made their way to the baggage claim carousel and picked up the luggage before heading toward the first meal (Denny's dinner style burgers, sandwiches and chocolate-bacon milkshakes, welcome to the USA) and a good nights sleep.

The first full day of living the American vacation dream had Mike, Melissa and crew waking up and preparing to head on down to visit Grandma Lu (Melissa's grandma) in Denver. The visit included an enjoyable diner experience at Gunther Toody's where fries are delicious and burgers giant! Following a filling and not 'Korea-spicy' lunch, the group headed toward Denver's military cemetery where they were able to leave flowers, memories and love for Grandpa Al (Nov. 2, 1925 - Aug. 18, 2010) and Grandpa Frank (Jan. 17, 1929 - Oct. 21, 1966). With a sense of closure, the Harrington's and all said their farewell to Grandma Lu before heading over to REI where the Harrington's made a significant purchase in hopes of beginning a running routine...only time will tell how these Vibram FiveFingers carry the Harrington's in this desire to embrace the fact that they were 'Born to Run'.


Following REI, the crew went next door to meet up with the Harrington crew of all Harrington crews. Mike's cousin Adam did a stellar job coordinating the bloodline within the Denver area and for dinner the Harrington's enjoyed the continued company of Luella, Ryan and Mark with the joyful addition of Katie and Molly (sisters). Landon (Molly boyfriend), Adam, Jeff and Kari (cousins), and a friend of Kari's. Dinner was accompanied by some fabulous brews and left the Harrington's thrilled to be in the presence of so many they love in a land which is familiar and often times delicious.


The evening ended with a few more libations and attempts at flying via the Wii Fit Plus housed by Ryan and Luella. After a nights sleep, and AWESOME breakfast burritos made by Luella, the crew of five made their way to Laramie, WY for new adventures and experiences with dear friends and family.



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Abbey said...

Oh you're on the same continent as me and I can't see you! Seems hardly fair! Been praying for you and hoping you are well!!! I love you!


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