Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation at Home: Cheyenne and Torrington, WY August 6-7

With a slight amount of pressure and eyelash batting, Melissa convinced Mike that the morning of the sixth should begin at Ross for an opportunity at cheap, new clothes. Like a trooper, Mike agreed and the couple stocked up on shorts, dresses and other clothing items they decided were necessary. From Ross the two made their way to Melissa’s Aunt Kim’s home where she was being gifted roll after roll of toilet paper in honor of South Korea. The family (Mike, Melissa, Brenda, Harland, Luella, Ryan, Kathleen, Dennis, Larry, Linda, Jameson, Rob, Kim and Macradee) would enjoy chatting, drinking, eating and the appearance of two ‘famous’ Rodeo Clowns.


Following an enjoyable afternoon with the whole family the Harland and Brenda Allen family made their way to Torrington to reconnect with Papa and Grandma (Dennis and Kathleen) for pizza and a rolling good game of ‘What if?’
Perhaps the highlight of the weekend trip was returning to grandma and papa’s home for a healthy dose of biscuits and gravy, one of Melissa’s deepest cravings since living in the land of kimchi. Filled to the brim and having enjoyed continued conversation with the grandparents, the Harland and Brenda family eventually made their way down the highway to return to Laramie for a separation of paths.


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