Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vacation at Home: Ten Sleep, WY August 14

Prior to dating, Mike and Melissa with the majority of HR Camp Summer Staff of 2006, made their way to infamous Nowoodstock Bluegrass Festival of Ten Sleep, WY. Mike and his family were well familiar with the event at the time, but little did anyone foresee that this moment would set a pattern for years to come that would be shared with many but rarely lacking Mike and Melissa. From 2006 – 2009, the couple faithfully made the trek to Ten Sleep where they crashed at the Harrington family cabin when there were no longer performances to enjoy. In 2010 the couple was unable to attend as their World Tour led them to San Francisco in preparation for teaching in South Korea. So, in 2011, when it became clear that a return to Nowoodstock was possible and not only would Jalan Crossland be performing, but additionally Dan Walker, the couple did all they could to once again enjoy this summertime tradition. So with good company, chilled beers, Indian tacos, cool grass and warm sunshine; the couple settled in for an afternoon of delightful sounds and memories, before crashing at the beloved Ten Sleep cabin.




Mary Donnell said...

Love all your articles! Not only are you writing your history but also providing information to friends and family....not to mention wonderful pictures of fun times and GOOD FOOD! Didn't see you at Nowoodstock....Mike and I were there with John and Kristal Sneed(formerly from Worland) and also my Dad, Bently, sister, Denise, and nephew, Forest, all from Laramie. We had a great time and Sneed's will be back next year. Safe travels back to Korea!

Fern Bartholomew said...

Was so-o-o-o-o good to see you two and enjoy some fine food and friendship. I hope the memories of the good times and cool(temperature) feelings you had in Wyoming will make it a little easier to return to Korea.
Love, Fern


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