Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Vacation at Home: Laramie and Wheatland, WY August 3-4

After the lovely day or so with Ryan and Luella and all other Denver area family and friends, the Harrington’s were given a ride to Laramie, WY where they surprised SaraJane and Mihretu before heading off in separate directions. Mike stayed at 519 Clark kickin’ around with little M for a while prior to watching his sisters conquer the softball field and joining them for a long night of movies and who knows what other shenanigans.

As for Melissa, she packed up that sweet, long awaited hug from SaraJane and entered the loving embraces of Erin, Annalise and Hannah, the women who make up 519 Thread Place, the one thing that brings constant beauty to the not-always-beautiful-world of Facebook. These three women, alongside Melissa have maintained a Facebook thread since February of 2008, sharing deeply, honestly, angrily, joyfully and humorously regardless of distance. So it was, on August 3, 2011 these four women were able to come together at a time when each was in need of something slightly different yet something that could only be gained by enjoying community with one another.

The foursome enjoyed such Wheatland treasures as Tera Grano Italian Cream Sodas and Calzones, shopping at Pamida, Arby’s curly fries and soda, Tiara’s and Toddlers, sleeping at Motel 6, drive thru coffee and donuts enjoyed at Wheatland’s best little park. Conversations were deep, easy, rejuvenating, revealing and absolutely perfect. The hugs extended beyond the conversations and spoke volumes of the love and respect these women have grown for one another. And to think, it all started on a mountain, years ago...


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Annalise said...

I just found this post. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE...I couldn't possibly say those words enough times. <3 xoxoxoxo


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