Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thrifting (near) Deajeon: The Beautiful Store, Nonsan

Following the festivities of Nonsan's Strawberry Festival a few of the Harrington's friends made their way onto a bus to go enjoy strawberry picking and eating. Stuffed to the brim with bibimbap and anticipating that they can participate in strawberry picking and eating next year, the Harrington's opted to wander around the town of Nonsan and see what there was.

The couple was not disappointed! A stroll through a traditional market resulted in the purchase of sesame leave seeds, a purchase which is extraordinarily exciting for Mike Harrington as he has a deep love for the bitter flavor of the sesame leaf. In addition, the Harrington's caught sight of a once-in-a-life-time performance which will later be showcased on this very blog. And, as if things couldn't get better, the couple miraculously stumbled upon another Beautiful Store which had a huge surplus of jeans. (For info regarding the 'first' Beautiful Store, go here.)

So it was, on April 9th the Harrington's took about 30 minutes to scour the racks of 2nd hand jeans and clothing and walked away from Nonsan's Beautiful Store 20,000 Won poorer but 6 pairs of jeans, one jean skirt, and three shirts better clothed (as is evidenced in the following photo).

Getting There: Daejeon to Nonsan via Seodaejeon Train station takes approximately 30 minutes and cost about 3,000 Won one-way. Once in Nonsan, grab a map and head toward the city center, the rest is pure luck ^.^ Or send the Harrington's a message and perhaps Melissa will accompany you.

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Micah and SaraJane said...

The picture of Mike makes me smile. Glad you had a good "thrifting" day. I miss having these adventures with you! Miss and love you both!


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