Friday, December 17, 2010

'519' Galma Gets a Holiday Make-over

For those who are unaware, December has arrived and sped along at a slightly ridiculous rate, particularly in the land of Korea. For the Harrington's, the days and months have flown by since their arrival in Korea and with calendar taking on the name of December, they (Melissa most specifically) found themselves desiring a good dose of 'Holiday Cheer' and 'Decorations'.

The answer to Christmas cheer and decorations when living in a foreign land can be hard to come by, but not illusive. As the Harrington's have always been marked by their frugality, the Christmas decoration goal was cheap yet festive. In Korea, the answer to this question lies primarily in Origami paper as well as a few other easy to snag goods. Should you find yourself enjoying the Holiday far from home in an Asian nation or elsewhere, here are a few tips to DIY decorations:
  • Origami Paper, a Bit of Hemp or String, Mini-Clothespins, a Marker or two and a pair of Scissors is all it takes to create a string of snowflakes or handing advent calendar. In the Harrington household the advent calendar was accompanied by a jar of "Christmas-insipired" missions such as sing carols, read up on St. Nicolas and Donate to Kiva - one for each day.
  • Christmas Lights, a Plant from a local Flower Shop and a few Oranments is all it takes to have a little Christmas tree joy which at the end of the season will provide some indoor greenery, a huge bonus!(Need a 'tree skirt' - just use one of your summer dresses or skirts that you haven't been wearing and wrap it around that not so attractive planter!)
  • If living in Korea, a Stationary Store or Daiso is all you need to find a stocking ... actually, in Korea, you need much luck in finding a stocking, Santa Hats are by far the most popular 'Christmas' item to be found. However, if you're lucky, you'll also score a red stocking bearing a cut-out image of Santa on ice skates holding a snow-ball, fortunately, the Harrington's were among those fortunate souls.
  • Wrap a few presents in black plastic bags, newspaper or actual wrapping paper, place under the decorated plant and sure enough, it begins to feel like Christmas in your home-away-from-home.



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CityGirl said...

nice guys! I love the Christmas mugs!!! :)


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