Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Thanksgiving times Three

Should you decide to pack up and move to the opposite side of the world, you should not fear the lose of favorite holiday celebrations. Rather, you should anticipate the way in which others who have also left to the same foreign land, will unite with you to re-create those memories and/or how the local community will come together to serve you in these moments of increasing homesickness.

For the Harrington's Thanksgiving was a full and abundant Holiday season. Much like last year, the couple enjoyed celebrating this American Tradition with a variety of friends and 'family'.
The first celebration the couple enjoyed was hosted by Saeronam Church where the Harrington's have been receiving Korean lessons, worshiping and enjoying community with a variety of English speakers in Daejeon. Highlights of the event included a wide spread of traditional Korean foods, typical to their 'Thanksgiving' known as Chuseok; playing a traditional Korean game, which Mike Harrington showed impressive skills in; receiving a total of 4 tubes of toothpaste, and two gift certificates. It was an enjoyable evening kicking off the Holiday season for the Harrington's.

The second Thanksgiving was hosted by the Harrington's dear friends, the Mullen's, the primary reason the couple ended up in Daejeon. The meal occured the Friday after Thanksgiving and brought together a tight-knit group of expats and a good showing of Korean co-teachers. Each American expat guest did their best to provide a traditional dish to the evening producing for the crew such delicacies as stuffing, chickens from Costco, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes and even pumpkin pie.

Finally, the Harrington's enjoyed a traditional meal with five of their co-teachers. Melissa spent the majority of Sunday afternoon and evening preparing the dishes which would be served on Monday. The menu would include sweet potatoes left over from Friday night, scalloped potatoes, Costco chicken, deviled eggs, cranberry sauce, rolls and a walnut pie from Paris Baguette. Highlights of the meal hosted by the Harrington's were: rave reviews of the cranberry sauce, artwork from a co-workers daughter, receiving an uncanny amount of toilet paper, the gift also of cacti, a Christmas tree, mini-apples and bananas.

As always, the Harrington's have an abundance to be grateful for and enjoyed sharing their Thanksgiving holiday with so many beautiful souls.


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