Monday, December 13, 2010

Gapcheon 10k

On Saturday, December 4th, Mr. Harrington participated in the Gapcheon 10k. Having not run for who knows how long, and not doing any physical activity other than walking to work and playing a few soccer games, Mr. Harrington was less than excited about running 10 kilometers (about 6.25 miles). However, he made a promise to a couple of friends, and he wasn't going to back down, plus it was for a good cause--the Korean Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The day was beautiful! Running shorts and a t-shirt were all the clothing that was required, something new to Mr. Harrington, it being December and all. Mr. Harrington somehow managed to run the entire race without stopping, and his only discomfort coming from a hardy slap on the rear from his friend while being passed. He finished with a time of 53:49, not bad for not running in a while, tho no where near his old standards. Perhaps, once he overcomes his current bout with the cold, he will lace up the running shoes more often.

More information about the race can be found here and photos can be found here.

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