Friday, December 24, 2010

Stories from the Couch:December 5th

The Harrington Times makes every effort to provide frequent and regular updates regarding the life and times of the Harrington's, however an occasional week or month will pass so quickly that we at The Harrington Times find ourselves recalling moments in the life of the Harrington's which have gone un-recorded. Such is the case with the Harrington's most recent CouchSurfer.

Hailing from Jeju-do, the 'Hawaii' of Korea, Bora Kim arrived at the Harrington's '519' home the evening of December the 5th, 2010. Bora is a Korean High School student who amazed the Harrington's (particularly Melissa, as Mike had many work-related obligations to complete while Bora was in town) with her energy and pursuit of a full and incredible life. With high school tests out of the way, Bora asked her teachers if she could take 2 weeks to travel around her country of South Korea so that she could be well prepared to travel the world and fulfill her life dream. With an extraordinary amount of spunk and independence for a Korean woman, Bora hit up Daejeon in full force and with great energy.

While Mike and Melissa worked, Bora explored, the highlight of her Daejeon experience being her first ever trip to a zoo. Upon Melissa's return home the girls headed to old down-town to grab dinner and enjoy the fountains and light show in the river. The hosting experience again left the Harrington's with nothing but good vibes and good thoughts regarding the CouchSurfing project. Having the opportunity to meet numerous wonderful souls and learn from their energy, culture, character are of increasing and immeasurable value in the Harrington's household.

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