Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Visit Korea

The Harrington's will have their first guest from America arriving at the end of December. Many conversations for the Harrington's now center on: What should be done to ensure the most "Korean" experience can be had? The Harrington's have also concluded (subject to change of course) that they will take their Holiday leave in Korea. The combination of planning a 'staycation' and a weeks worth of experiences for a friend, has the Harrington's scouring internet resources for information regarding what to do and when to go.

A couple favorites so far are:

Visit Korea Year - complete with coupons, festival schedules and information on a free shuttle bus systme running primarily out of Seoul

Visit Korea - more details regarding festivals, shows in Seoul and around the country, attractions, etc.

The Yeogiyo - many articles and stories detailing expat perspectives on some of Korea's 'must-see' sights.

If you happen to know of other stellar resources for travelling within South Korea, we at The Harrington Times encourage you to drop us a comment and share the knowledge.

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