Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Story of 5 Wives and a Spectacular Surprise

On Saturday, December 18th, 2010, five beautiful wives of five loving and impressive husbands were awoken with promises of a fun-filled magical day to begin at approximately 8:30 a.m. Beyond the start time, the wives were offered only one 'clue' as to how the day would unfold: "look elegant, dress nicely, if I had a suit or suit jacket, I would wear it."

With that, the ladies prepared for the unknown, full of anticipation and excitement at what may lay, unaware that soon their paths would intersect and the five wives would not only enjoy the company of their beloved husbands, but their dear friends as well.

The days events would begin to unfold as three out of five couples boarded the KTX with the remaining two couples going by car. Upon boarding the KTX, three wives were able to confirm that the upcoming day would be spent in Seoul, South Korea, doing what had yet to be determined.

On the KTX en route to Seoul

Subway Rides in Seoul--Before the Crowds

Arrival in Seoul led the three wives and their respective husbands to an impressive book store with an equally impressive Foreign Section, within minutes the three wives were united with an additional two wives and soon found themselves entering the doors of Dos Tacos, a tacquiera haven in the land of kimchi.

Burritos and Joy at Dos Tacos
 With deliciousness in their bellies the wives followed their husbands lead and piled into taxis and cars as the next chapter of the days events began. Drivers arrived at their final destination and each wife found herself at the front doors of the Seoul Art Center. Posters and advertisements boasted plays, operas and the one which quickly caught the wives attention: The Nutcracker. So it was, five wives found themselves sitting next to their beloveds and cherished friends watching Korea's National Ballet perform The Nutcracker to the sounds of Korea's National Symphony.

The Seoul Arts Center: Opera House

The Nutcracker: A classic holiday performance
  Filled with holiday cheer and warmed by the love and cleverness expressed by their husbands the five wives enjoyed the show and began to wonder if yet another chapter would be added to the fairytale of a day. Alas, the magic only continued and after a bit of driving and crowding into subways the wives found themselves riding a cable car up to Namson Tower. City lights and Christmas lights welcomed the couples at the top. The husbands informed their ladies that dinner reservations had been made and in about 20 minutes we could sit down to enjoy our meals together. Until then, the wives were given an explanation regarding the 'magic' of Namson Tower. The love that is consistently locked up for safe keeps on this hill in the city. It was then, each wife was presented with a lock which they would soon lock onto the chain link amongst the others which had 'stood the test of time'. Each husband and wife discussed what message they would write to include with their lock, a representation of their love. Mike Harrington, being thoughtful and committed to his wedding vows surprised his wife, Melissa Harrington by having already written their wedding vows onto papers which would be locked to their padlock. With tears in her eyes, Mrs. Harrington kissed this husband whom she so dearly loves and signed her vows, in honor of love.

Mike and Melissa Locking their Love for all of Eternity

The whole group of wives and husbands
  The end to the perfect day came in the form of a delicious and gourmet meal with an outstanding view of the city. Each couple enjoyed each others one-on-one attention and company, recapping the day, their love and appreciation for one another and all the valuable, honorable, special and silly things a husband and wife are prone to discuss over a romantic dinner.

Dinner at 'The Place'

City Lights and views from The Place


Rachel said...

This was so sweet! I have been ready your blog for a couple of weeks now. It is neat to see how you are spending your holdiays there. We are planning to move to Korea in Feb. and we are actually hoping to move to Dajeon. Hope you have very happy holidays!

Melissa said...

Rachel - are you coming to teach? We'd love to meet up and get to know you! Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your holiday story. I'm a friend of Janelle's father and have printed your story for him to enjoy. Someday we'll get him on a computer...or maybe not! --Kathy Ketchum


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