Friday, February 4, 2011

The Harrington's Capture Red on a Staycation

In the Land of Kimchi and in many other eastern lands the Lunar New Year has just been celebrated. For the Harrington's this has meant a bit of a holiday or vacation. Rather than touring Asia or the peninsula, the couple has enjoyed a staycation involving much TV time, computer time, book time and a bit of cooking/baking time.

Fortunately, the Harrington's '519' home provides a few opportunities to Capture Red as inspired and directed by Beth at I Should Be Foulding Laundry.

So it was that Melissa Harrington spent a bit of time working the flour, eggs and other myriad of ingredients in the 'red' kitchen as well as enjoyed the simple sights of being home, such as this cactus, a Thanksgiving gift from a Korean co-worker.




shellycoulter said...

I remember seeing the red cabinets in some other picture, but I didn't realize they had flowers. That makes them even more fun! :)

Miss you,friend!
Its kind of weird...but I feel like i know you more now through your blog than I did when you lived here! Ha!

Jon Kelly said...

I dig the cactus! Hope things are continuing smoothly for you guys and your dog gets better.


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